Our Team

  • Jodie Lee , Office Manager

    Jodie Lee

    Jodie has previously worked in HR in the real estate industry. Her two daughters attended Kensington Castle in its inaugural year so Jodie has had a long relationship with the centre. Jodie manages the administration functions of the business.

  • Natalie Cameron, Nominated Supervisor and Educational Leader

    Natalie Cameron

    Natalie has worked in the Childcare industry for over ten years, spending most of my time teaching Preschool age children, and more recently, as a centre Director. Natalie has a Diploma in Children's Services, and is currently studying her Bachelor of Early Childhood Education. Since the age of six, she has wanted to be a Teacher, practicing this with her younger sister, brother, and cousins. Natalie loves working with young children, watching them grow and learn; there is never a dull moment! Natalie loves nothing more than to prepare and transition the children in her care to primary school through education and experience. Her passion point is the implementation of our preschool curriculum focused on literacy and numeracy skills, social and life skills.

  • Niamh Keller, Childcare Educator

    Niamh Keller

    In June 2014 Niamh graduated from college in Carlow, Ireland with an Early Childhood Care and Education degree, equivalent to an Early Childhood Teacher in Australia. She has been working with children for over two years now. In Ireland she worked with children from one year to five years and also has experience in after school care.

    She is very dedicated to her job and really enjoys teaching children the skills they need to complete tasks for themselves and learning to do ‘hands on’ activities. Niamh believes that children will learn most through fun organised activities and making sure that their social and emotional development is a key focus on so that they are prepared for the changes that come with going to school.

    Niamh likes to focus on holistic development ensuring that every child’s needs and differences are observed and respected in the programs she develops for their learning.

  • Valerie Aspill , Childcare Educator

    Valerie Aspill

    Originally from Ireland Valerie holds a Diploma in Children’s Services. She has 5 years experience in the industry. Valarie enjoys working with the 0-3 year olds although she has worked across all ages. Valarie is passionate about play as a means of learning, forming friendships and developing key skills like the ability to negotiate, express ones needs and form meaningful connections.

  • Lisa Cameron, Childcare Educator

    Lisa Cameron

    Lisa Cameron holds a Diploma in Children's Services, which she obtained from Randwick TAFE in 2008. She currently has a First Aid Certificate and is a Certified Supervisor at the centre. Lisa has been in the industry for nearly 8 years. She has a strong belief in quality childcare and is passionate about watching the children grow and develop. Lisa also believes the childcare environment should be a happy, safe and welcoming place. Lisa’s calm and caring nature is her key strength.

  • Emma Jackson, Childcare Educator

    Emma Jackson

    Emma has been in the childcare industry for industry for 10 years. Her experience is in long daycare with a focus on working with children aged 2-5years. Emma has worked in the Randwick municipality for the duration of her career. More recently Emma’s worked has focused on the 2-3-year age group which is a real passionate point for her. Emma holds a Diploma in Children's Services, which she obtained from Randwick TAFE in 2006. She currently has a First Aid Certificate and is a Certified Supervisor at the centre. Emma’s love music and is almost always found singing a tune! Emma has a passion and enthusiasm for Early Education. She just loves watching children grow in confidence and seeing their strengths emerge.

  • Mary Leung, Childcare Educator

    Mary Leung

    Recently completing her Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care from Randwick TAFE, Mary has previously worked in the financial services sector and brings with her a strong teamwork ethic and desire to build partnerships with families and community. Her passion for children’s learning has led her to her career change. She believes that all children are capable and that we need to empower children with skills to further their love for learning. She loves nature and the great outdoors and believe it is a vital learning environment for children.

    Mary was awarded the 2015 KU Early Childhood Student Award for her outstanding and practical achievement in studying Early Childhood Education and Care at Randwick TAFE. She has also recently returned from a Global Study Tour with Sydney TAFE looking at nature-based education programs and early childhood education and care practices in New Zealand.

    Born in Hong Kong, she immigrated to Australia at a young age and has been a long time resident of the area.

  • Sarah Quinn, Childcare Educator

    Sarah Quinn

    Sarah is originally from Ireland, where she studied for two and a half years at the Liberties College, Dublin to obtain her Diploma in Early Childhood Care & Education. Sarah is currently in the third year of her Degree in Early Childhood and Care 0-5 years, at Randwick TAFE. Sarah regularly attends childcare related courses and seminars for continual training and development. Before her career at Kensington Castle, Sarah worked in the nannying industry for 9 years in Ireland, Spain and Australia. Caring for children has always been a passion for Sarah since a young age. She believes that all children deserve a loving, nurturing, happy and fun environment in order to grow and succeed in their everyday life.

  • Vanessa Zakrzewski, Childcare Educator

    Vanessa Zakrzewski

    Vanessa holds a Certificate 3 in Children’s Services and this is her 7th year working in the childcare industry. Vanessa has also been a private nanny. Vanessa loves looking after children of all ages but especially enjoys working with the 0-2 year olds – where she has gained most of her experience. Vanessa loves watching children grow and develop as she helps them through each of their age appropriate milestones.

  • Vina Vendivil, Childcare Educator

    Vina Vendivil

    Vina is originally from the Philippines. She has recently completed her Certificate three in Children’s Services and is a semester into her Diploma in Children’s Services. Vina had a wonderfully calm persona, a contagious smile and an enthusiasm for working with 0-2 year olds. Vina loves art and craft. She brings this into her work and share experiences at the centre.

  • Kirra Gregson, Childcare Educator

    Kirra Gregson

    Kirra holds a Bachelor of Psychology with first class Honours. This degree included the comprehensive study of personality development, socioemotional development, language acquisition, cognitive functioning, identity formation, behaviour management, and more. After completing this degree, Kirra conducted Applied Behavioural Analysis therapy. This therapy helps children with Autism Spectrum Disorder learn communication skills and decrease difficult behaviour. She has also worked in the nannying industry and tutoring industry. She is expected to finish her Certificate III in Children’s Services by September 2019. Kirra believes that all children are capable learners and she is passionate about making children feel safe, secure, and loved.

  • Janine Crawshaw, Childcare Educator

    Janine Crawshaw

    Originally from the UK, Janine holds a Diploma in Children’s services. She has 10 years experience in the industry. Janine has gained experience in all aspects of Early Education working with children of all age groups. Janine has specific experience in caring for children with complex health needs. Janine has also volunteered in Africa where she worked with children.

  • Barbora Pavlickova , Childcare Educator

    Barbora Pavlickova

    Originally from the Czech Republic, Barbora holds a Diploma in Children’s Service’s and is in the final stages of completing her Degree in Early Childhood. She is experienced in developing early childhood children’s curriculum across all age groups and is passionate about the holistic development of children. She drives to deliver excellence in play-based learning for children and believes that play based learning provides opportunities for children to find their strengths and build upon them.

  • Alison Clark, External Music Provider

    Alison Clark

    Alison holds a Diploma in Children’s Services. Alison has five children of her own! Alison runs a music program at the centre twice a week as well as at a local community space in Kensington. Alison absolutely loves music and firmly believes that music is a way of communicating, something we can share and that we feel connected when we move together in time with the beat of music, or through shared familiarity with the popular songs of childhood.

  • Alejandra Campa, Childcare Educator

    Alejandra Campa

    Hola! (Hello in Spanish), my name is Ale and I come from Mexico. In Mexico I worked as a graphic designer for over ten years with Mexico’s Indigenous communities. When I arrived in Australia I decided to pursue my dream to study teaching. I have just completed my Bachelor of  Early Childhood Education at Randwick TAFE. I believe in developing respectful, patient and kind relationships with children to support their sense of being. I believe in learning through play. As an educator I also believe that each children learn in their own unique way which I work to support.