Welcome to Kensington Castle Early Education Centres

Kensington Castle runs two early education centres, located in Kensington NSW. They are family owned and run, providing the highest quality care and education for children aged from 6 months to 5 years. We aim to provide a warm, home like environment in which children feel happy, secure and nurtured.

Both centres are located in stunning residential conversions, and both have large outdoor play areas (no fake “outdoor” areas in converted warehouses for our kids!).   We are proud of the fact that we have developed strong, stable teams of wonderful educators.  Unlike most chain centres, most of our educators have been with Kensington Castle for years - many since we opened.  This helps provides stability and security for our children and means that our eductators truly know the strengths and needs of all our children.  Kensington Castle also has over twice as many degree and diploma qualified educators as we are required to have and we have significantly higher than standard staff to child ratios.