Kensington Castle Philosophy

Kensington Castle is a private, family run centre, where we aim to provide a home like environment that is positive and stimulating, a place where children are happy to be. All our children are treated positively, with respect and with affection.

At Kensington Castle we believe that the early childhood years are crucial to physical, intellectual, language and emotional development. An important means by which children learn is through play. Our space is designed to ensure that children have access to a wide and varied range of experiences to stimulate learning in a play based environment. We have an open door policy; we encourage families and community members to visit the centre at any time and to become involved in the centre.

Kensington Castle Early Learning Centre is guided by the learning principles, practices and outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) 2009. Using this framework, our educational program has been developed with the knowledge that each child is unique and has had different experiences, knowledge, interests and abilities. We aim to provide positive, developmentally appropriate experiences for all of our children and work to ensure that they are active participants in their learning.

A full version of our Philosophy is available to view and read at our centre.