Milroy Avenue Team

  • Mary Leung, Centre Manager

    Mary Leung
    Mary has a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care from Randwick TAFE and has been with Kensington Castle since we opened our Virginia Street centre in 2016. Mary previously worked in the financial services sector and brings with her a strong teamwork ethic and desire to build partnerships with families and community. Her passion for children’s learning led her to her career change. She believes that all children are capable and that we need to empower children with skills to further their love for learning. Mary loves nature and the great outdoors and believe it is a vital learning environment for children. Mary was awarded the 2015 KU Early Childhood Student Award for her outstanding and practical achievement in studying Early Childhood Education and Care at Randwick TAFE. She has also participated in a Global Study Tour with Sydney TAFE looking at nature-based education programs and early childhood education and care practices in New Zealand. Born in Hong Kong, she immigrated to Australia at a young age and has been a long time resident of the area.
  • Barbora Pavlickova , Childcare Educator and Educational Leader

    Barbora Pavlickova
    Originally from the Czech Republic, Barbora holds a Degree in Early Childhood from Randwick TAFE. She is experienced in developing early childhood curriculum across all age groups and is passionate about the holistic development of children. She drives to deliver excellence in play-based learning for children and believes that play based learning provides opportunities for children to find their strengths and build upon them.
  • Madeline Sharah, Childcare Educator

    Madeline Sharah
    Madeline grew up in this area and completed her childcare training at Randwick TAFE, graduating in 2015.  Madeline started in childcare at Kensington Kinder Haven, now Kensington Castle in 2016. Madeline also worked for two years at Greenwood Zetland, returning to Kensington Castle this year in 2021.  Madeline’s philosophy is that children must feel safe, and from that feeling of security they are comfortable to quickly learn and also to grow in confidence.  Madeline builds supporting relationship with children so that they eagerly participate in the planned daily activities.   Madeline looks forward to each day, taking your children on an imaginative journey that widens their knowledge and encourages their social development, using play in a supportive way for them to enjoy learning.
  • Tarcila Cedro, Childcare Educator

    Tarcila Cedro
    Tarcila is originally from Brazil. She has a Diploma in Children’s Services and is currently studying a Bachelor of Early Childhood Education at Randwick TAFE. Tarcila believes that children should feel valued, nurtured, and respected as individuals. She also believes that children are unique, competent learners and have creative and curious minds. She provides learning experiences based on play-based learning and include hands-on experiences that cater to and challenge diverse needs, talents, cultures, and interests. Tarcila has also worked as a private nanny for children with additional needs, including Autism Spectrum Disorder and Kabuki Syndrome.
  • Kristine Alcover, Childcare Educator

    Kristine Alcover
    Originally from the Philippines, Kristine holds a Diploma in Children’s Services. She has seven years experience in the industry. Kristine enjoys working across all ages. Kristine is passionate about play as a means of learning, forming friendships and developing key skills like the ability to negotiate, express ones needs and form meaningful connections.
  • Lena Gruenberger, Childcare Educator

    Lena Gruenberger
    Originally from Vienna, Lena moved to Sydney in 2019 where she completed a qualification in Individual Support (Disability) and a Diploma of Counselling. Currently she is studying my Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care to build on her European degree in this industry. She worked for a family group based childcare center for six years in Vienna, where she gained a lot of practical experience and professional knowledge. Working with children aged 1-6 during this period of time also helped her gain greater insight in the different developmental stages which play an important part in a child’s overall growth. She believes in a child-centered and holistic approach, as each child’s individual needs, values and strengths should be valued equally. Having the opportunity to be a part of your children’s learning journey and supporting their individual development on a daily basis is something she is very grateful for.
  • Eva Chi, Childcare Educator

    Eva Chi
    Eva has a Bachelors Degree in Early Education from Randwick Tafe. Eva brings over eight years experience working in early education. Eva's passion for Early Childhood Education arose from a desire to support children as they develop and learn through play. It has always been a passion of Eva's to teach and watch the children in her care discover the world around them.
  • Kelly Seo, Preschool Educator

    Kelly Seo
    Kelly has a Bachelor Degree in Early Education from Sydney University. Kelly has over five years experience working in early education. Kelly is originally from Korea. Kelly's passion for working with children is that they wear their heart on their sleeves and they are always looking for opportunities to learn. Kelly enjoys the fact children show us no matter how hard it is, they will keep trying until they learn and develop new skills. Watching children grow, learn and develop through play is the most rewarding experience for her.
  • Karima Messen, Childcare Educator

    Karima Messen
    Karima has a Diploma in Early Education and Care. Karima is originally from South America. She has three years experience in early education. Karima enjoys working with the children and being able to see them develop new skills every day and being part of helping them to achieve those skills.
  • Angeleena Catalan, Childcare educator

    Angeleena Catalan
    Angeleena was born and raised in Hong Kong. After high school, she took a gap year where she worked for a year to bring herself over to Australia to start her Early education and care studies in 2016. During her studies she worked as a casual in various childcare centres around Sydney before settling permanently at a centre. At the beginning of 2020, she moved to Hobart, Tasmania where she continued to work in the childcare industry as a Diploma qualified educator. After two years in Hobart, she has decided to relocate back to Sydney. Her core philosophy is that children should have the opportunity to find their creative outlet, grow their sense of independence and have freedom of expression in a safe and reciprocal environment.
  • Rizza Barlow, Childcare Educator

    Rizza Barlow
    Rizza holds a Certificate III in Children’s Services. She has been working in Children’s Services for thirteen years in all age groups as lead educator and room leader. She is passionate about working with children and providing quality care for chidlren and their families. As a educator, she believes in a holistic approach to care where educators work alongside each other as well as with the children and their families to create an inclusive environment. I wanted to make a difference in the lives of young people and make them feel comfortable, safe, secure and nutured. I look forward to getting to know each and every one.
  • Stacy Xerri, Childcare Educator

    Stacy Xerri
  • Natalie Cameron,

    Natalie Cameron